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Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
remainder of the season. with kyle williams. this may open the door for michael james to get playing time. linebacker with 49ers reaching an agreement on a five year extense today throughout the 2018 season for $45.25 million. the 25 of that is guaranteed. 24-year-old has one interception this season. >> warriors in first place in pacific decision they haven't while. they're doing it without andrew boeing yet. his rehab was slow process. and he tried to play through it. i missed last nine games back in rehab spending time in rehab with a specialist. now, he realizes he tried to come back too soon. >> now, i know just trying to play, so team playing well at the moment. so just playing lots of ball, and when ready to contribute it be back out there. >> animal letic players decided to donate a playoff share to eight local chairitable efforts. a's community fund, a few of the charities that will benefit from this donation. that is a nice gesture this, sports report is brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> yes. hard decision, huh? >> yes. >> thank you. >> raider nation, we want to see your team
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
with an attorney from houston who helped win a $500 million case against bp. >> cat williams has been arrested again. you might remember will yips had an onstage melt down after an arrest in oakland for allegedly breaking a bottle over someone's head. but today released from jail in seattle. he was charged with resisting arest after refusing to leave a bar following an argument. police say he flicked a cigarette into a woman's face. and involved in an altercation with tree fans who tried to get pictures taken with him. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 republicans offering a solution to ending the fiscal cliff-hanger. how not solving it will affect your family pocketbook. >> from the state capitol tonight, new lawmakers taking their seats. what is still to come now that democrats hold a super majority. >> and kate middleton's emergency trip to the hospital. she could be there for days with something much worse than morning sickness. >>> less than a month to go until the u.s. could spend massive spending cuts and tax increases known as the fiscal cliff. >> tonight we're no closer to a d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2